Disable Excel 2003 Menu Accelerators keys in Excel 2007

Hi all

If you create a dictator application in Excel 2007 you maybe want to disable the
shortcuts to the old Excel 2003 menu items in Excel 2007.

I create this page with example code to do this.
Note: There is no test on this moment to see if a tag is already used.

If you want to have a RibbonX example to disable/hide all Ribbonstuff see
the dictator examples on my Ribbon page (number 2)

To disable other shortcuts see my onkey page

If you have suggestions please let me know

Ron de Bruin

Add missing built-in commands to the QAT or Ribbon

Hi all

I add this page to my site last week with a few examples to add missing controls
to the Quick Access Toolbar or Ribbon.

I am curious which missing built-in commands the readers of this blog have add to the QAT or Ribbon.

Tip: John WalkenBach posted a add-in for the speech controls on his site this week.
You see the speech controls also in the example ribbon group that is on my site.

Ron de Bruin

Change built-in groups in the Ribbon

Hi all

It is not possible to add to or remove controls from built-in groups in the Ribbon. For example, the
Format Painter button from the Home tab’s Clipboard group cannot be removed from this group.

But there is a way around this restriction.
We can hide a built-in group and then duplicate it with RibbonX.
And then we can modify our duplicate group anyway we want.

You can find all the information you need on this new page on my site.

Let me know if you have problems or have suggestions.

Ron de Bruin

Dealing with Ribbons and Menus – Avoiding Two Versions

Hi all

When you open your Excel 97-2003 file in Excel 2007, one that creates its own menus,
the first thing you notice is that you don’t see your menus. Where’d they go? Then you discover
them – shunted over on the Add-ins tab. Not exactly the ideal user interface.
How are your users going to find them there?

What you want is an application that runs as a first class citizen in Excel 2007, one that takes full advantage
of the ribbon, and yet runs as it always did in Excel 2003. Yet you do not want to maintain two versions of
your app. Two versions are always a nightmare, so difficult to keep in sync.

So, is this possible? Is it possible to have one version that’s at home in Excel 2007 and Excel 2003? Yes it is;
there are two approaches from me and Jim Rech of this problem on this new page on my website.


If you have suggestions or other feedback let me know.

Ron de Bruin