3 thoughts on “Filter by Selected Cell’s Value, Cell’s Color or Cell’s Font Color

  1. One has to be a bit careful when copying from a filter table

    The copy rules have changed in Excel 2007

    In Excel 2003 and below – When you copy from a filtered table only filtered cells get copied. The exception to this rule is if there are more than 8192 areas

    In Excel 2007 – When you copy from a filtered table
    – Only filtered cells get copied, provided you have selected the entire table and then applied a filter
    – Entire Table gets copied if you have selected only the header rows and then applied a filter

    The exception for the copy rule is also 8192 areas – in Excel 2007


  2. Hi Sam

    The example on my site will not work when you insert a table.
    I never use tables, but I will make it clear on the site and put a example for tables also.

    Thanks for your reply

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