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  1. hey i bought the data generator from you but it was never delivered. Can I get it please

  2. I also bought the Data Generator and have not received anything but a receipt from PayPal. Please send me the Data Generator file.

  3. Follow up to my previous comment:

    Thanks for sending me the Data Generator file. I missed the download link on the Purchase Confirmation page. All is good. — Greg

  4. When I try to install Sample Data Generator, it shows me an error “User-defined type not defined”. How can I fix that?

  5. Go to Tools – References and see if you can set a reference to the Microsoft XML v6.0 Library. It should have already been set in the file, but maybe it couldn’t find it on your machine (because it’s not there or because it’s not properly registered). You may see it say “MISSING” in the References dialog.

    On my machine it’s at C:\Windows\SysWOW64\msxml6.dll

    You might try to find that file on your machine or download if from MS’s website.

  6. I tried on 2 PCs (both Excel 32 and 64 bit), on the first one there was already this reference and on the second one, even if I had no reference and I created one, error still occurs.

  7. OK, this is strange. In my copy of the file, those lines look like

    If you do a search for “DOMDocument” and change them all to “DOMDocument60”, I’ll bet it starts working. In the mean time, I’ll check what’s on the website and make sure it’s a good version. It’s odd because I haven’t uploaded a new version in a while and nobody else has had the problem. Or maybe they did have it and didn’t say anything. That would be a shame.

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