Page update: Copy a range from closed workbooks (ADO)

Hi all

I update my ADO page today.

The code is also working in Excel 2007 now (Excel 2000-2007).
I use Late binding now to avoid private mails like “It is not working”
When you use the Subfolder option in Example 7 it will loop through all files in all levels below the rootfolder.

If you have problems or suggestions let me know.

I wish all readers of this blog a Merry Christmas and a Super 2008.

Ron de Bruin

Copy a customized QAT from one workbook to another (Add-in)

Hi all

I create a small Excel add-in to copy a customized QAT from one workbook to another.

QAT Add-In

Because it not use very common code I like to hear from you if you have problems
or if there are there better ways to do it ?

I hope a few of you can test it for me.
You can find a button on the Add-Ins tab to open the userform


Customize the images of the buttons in the QAT

Hi all

I add a new page to my site with examples to change a button image
of a button in the QAT for all workbooks or for one workbook.
Making a QAT Add-in of the one workbook example seems a good way on
this moment if you want to change the buttons images of your QAT.

Suggestions or comments are welcome
Note: I can’t post comments in this blog but I will read your comments.

Ron de Bruin

Merge data from different workbooks with the RDBMerge add-in

Hi all

For some reason I can’t add comments to my old post, that’s why this new post.

A few months back I create a small new Add-in named RDBMerge to merge data from
all workbooks in a folder. I update the add-in last week.

Changes are:
1) You can filter the file names with wildcards
2) You can filter the worksheet names with wildcards

In the next version I will add a option to copy the data next to each other and maybe a autofilter option
to filter the records you want in each workbook.
Do you have other suggestions ?

On my site you also find VBA code examples to do the same and more.

Ron de Bruin

MRU(”Most Recently Used”) file list in Excel 2007

Hi all

There is no built-in option to disable the MRU(“Most Recently Used”) file list in the Office button menu.
A few weeks ago Excel guru Jim Rech send me a test file to disable the MRU list in Excel 2007.
After a few test versions I upload the last version from Jim to my site.

Try this example file with XML to create a new tab on the ribbon and hide/disable a few controls
and the VBA code from Jim Rech to disable/hide the MRU list.

Part from the comments in the code from Jim:
Because there is apparently no way to disable the MRU list on the Office Menu directly
we clear it by setting Application.RecentFiles.Maximum to 0. Since this action clears
the MRU list in the registry we first backup its contents to the registry as well
as number of files the user is showing in it. We use the registry in case VB variables are cleared.

Download the example file from my site in the “Ribbon Tips section”

Or the direct link

Please give feedback if you have problems with the code or suggestions.

Tip: check out also the new Add-in from Jim Rech to find the names of all Office 2007 button images
on my site, see point 4.

Ron de Bruin and Jim Rech

Menu in the ribbon with different languages

Hi all

I think we all struggle with the new ribbon in Office 2007.
But there is no way back and we have to deal with it if we want it or not.

A few months ago I add a ribbon page on my site and now start with looking for a good
way to make a menu that automatic change the labels in the language of the Excel version.

I add this page to my site with three example workbooks.

Please give comments (good or bad)
It is new for me also so I can use extra brains from the readers of this blog.


Ron de Bruin

Sending mail from Excel with CDO

Hi all

I update my CDO page today.
Code is working now in Excel 97-2007 or 2000-2007.

If you have problems let me know.

Ron de Bruin


I can’t post comments to this blog because of the new spam filter on this blog that’s why i do it this way.

I add a GMail example to the example workbook on my CDO page today.
Let me know if it is working for you.