Change built-in groups in the Ribbon

Hi all

It is not possible to add to or remove controls from built-in groups in the Ribbon. For example, the
Format Painter button from the Home tab’s Clipboard group cannot be removed from this group.

But there is a way around this restriction.
We can hide a built-in group and then duplicate it with RibbonX.
And then we can modify our duplicate group anyway we want.

You can find all the information you need on this new page on my site.

Let me know if you have problems or have suggestions.

Ron de Bruin

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10 thoughts on “Change built-in groups in the Ribbon

  1. Just PLEASE nobody consider doing that in an addin and releasing it! We’d end up with lots of copies of the group, all with just a single button different.

  2. I agree with Stephen 100% here. I would even be cautious with a visible workbook. I think that a workbook that has RibbonX associated with it should probably have its own tab.

    Adding a new group to a tab would be my next choice, but replacing a group with your own could be trouble for other add-ins expecting a standard setup. (The add-in could no longer hook its functionality to built-in controls which have been hidden and then replaced with clones.)

    I think that this is fine to get around the customization restrictions for one’s own use (I do a lot of this for my own Ribbon setup), but I would never do this for an add-in that I made for others.

  3. I have a question about the add-in.

    Once you create a new group – and include it in the tab “Add-Ins”.
    Is there any way that to permanently keep it on excel? So, every time I open up excel, that tab always appears.

    Also, how do I share my new add-in with other people/people’s computers

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