Excel Function Bible released

Hi all

Together with Norman Harker I add this page to my website :  Excel Function Bible

The Excel Function Bible is aimed at providing meaningful and practical help in finding and implementing the 468 Excel functions. It replaces and adds significantly to the help users can call for whilst building or using Excel workbooks. To make it easier to navigate through all the Excel functions example workbooks(using a nice Ribbon interface) It will also be available as a add-in soon. But for now we (Norman Harker and me) have upload 468 Example workbooks to my site. There is one example file for each worksheet function. This is an evolving project. We would appreciate users providing us with additional examples of typical or extremely useful applications of the functions especially in conjunction with other functions. All examples provided will be appropriately and prominently acknowledged. Similarly, we don’t pretend to be perfect and would appreciate reports of any bugs or errors that may have crept in.

You can download separate function files in the classification pages or download all the 468 workbooks in one time on the index page.

Regards Ron de Bruin



Paste and Transpose icon in QAT crash Excel 2013

Hi all

I add a new page on my site with a workaround for this problem. I hope that there are no more of this problem icons for the QAT.

Not easy find the problem with bugs like this, you not think that an Excel icon in the QAT can crash Excel.

Paste and Transpose icon in QAT crash Excel 2013

Regards Ron de Bruin


Date Picker Add-in for Excel

Hi all

Post Updated : 28-April-2013

I upload a Date Picker add-in based on John Walkenbach’s Date Picker on my site for the Mac and Windows.

This Date Picker have local Day letters in the header and also local Date formats in the format dropdown and have a option to use 3 week number systems(also ISO weeks).

Windows version :


Mac version :


Have a nice day

Com Add-ins Install problem on a machine with Office 2013

Hi all

VBE Bookmarks/Copy buffer and Tools>References Enlarger Com Add-ins


When I create this new page on my site about two very nice com add-ins from Jim Rech I found out that if you want to install them on a machine with Office 2013 you are missing a dll file that you need if you want to register one of the com add-ins. Read the info on the page how you can download and register the missing dl so you can install the add-ins also in 2013 .

Regards Ron


Power Utility Pak Add-in for the Mac

Hi all

I like to share the release of this new Mac Excel add-in with you all. After many days of hard work I have upload the first Mac version of the very popular Excel for Windows Add-in “Power Utility Pak” from John Walkenbach on my site.

Power Utility Pak for the Mac, Add-in Tools for Excel 2011

You can also use this link from John’s site to go to the Add-in

The Spreadsheet Page – PUP/Mac Home

As a bonus I also add my mail add-in to the collection. Please give feedback good or bad so I can make this product error-free and accurate.

Use the mail address that you find in the PUP About option in the menu if you want to report bugs or want to give feedback.


Dir for Excel 2011 for the Mac

Hi all

Like a lot of other things in VBA in Office 2011 Dir is not working the same as in Windows.

Together with a great Apple Scripter DJ Bazzie Wazzie I create a VBA function that you can use instead. You can download a file from my site so you can test it.


You call the function with one line of code :

Call GetFilesOnMacWithOrWithoutSubfolders(Level:=1, ExtChoice:=0, FileFilterOption:=0, FileNameFilterStr:=”SearchString”)

‘Level : 1= Only the files in the folder, 2 to ? levels of subfolders

‘ExtChoice : 0=(xls|xlsx|xlsm|xlsb), 1=xls , 2=xlsx, 3=xlsm, 4=xlsb, 5=csv, 6=txt, 7=all files, 8=(xlsx|xlsm|xlsb), 9=(csv|txt)

‘FileFilterOption : 0=No Filter, 1=Begins, 2=Ends, 3=Contains

‘FileNameFilterStr : Search string used when FileFilterOption = 1, 2 or 3


You can add also more extensions or replace it for word extensions or so.

Thanks, feedback good or bad is welcome