Excel Function Bible released

Hi all

Together with Norman Harker I add this page to my website :  Excel Function Bible

The Excel Function Bible is aimed at providing meaningful and practical help in finding and implementing the 468 Excel functions. It replaces and adds significantly to the help users can call for whilst building or using Excel workbooks. To make it easier to navigate through all the Excel functions example workbooks(using a nice Ribbon interface) It will also be available as a add-in soon. But for now we (Norman Harker and me) have upload 468 Example workbooks to my site. There is one example file for each worksheet function. This is an evolving project. We would appreciate users providing us with additional examples of typical or extremely useful applications of the functions especially in conjunction with other functions. All examples provided will be appropriately and prominently acknowledged. Similarly, we don’t pretend to be perfect and would appreciate reports of any bugs or errors that may have crept in.

You can download separate function files in the classification pages or download all the 468 workbooks in one time on the index page.

Regards Ron de Bruin



7 thoughts on “Excel Function Bible released

  1. Wow. This is an impressive effort!

    For the CUBE functions, I’m assuming you didn’t want to use PowerPivot as the cube in case the user has Excel 2007 and below.

    Why not create an Offline Cube with the Northwind database, and include that in the Cube directory. You can then point the workbooks to that Offline Cube. This way, you can show the CUBE functions in action.

    On an aesthetic note, consider doing away with the yellow background. After perusing these awesome files for about an hour, I came away seeing sunspots.

    Great job Ron and Norman!

  2. Hi aguys

    Thanks for your comments

    Xlarium : Yes I have seen the Wiki project

    Terry : Thanks

    JK : We have a add-in that is doing what you want JK, we release that in a few months or so.
    But I will add a workbook in the download to do what you want this week

    Mike : good idea about the Cube functions
    Yellow, you will see that there are a few different colors used in the workbooks

    A yellow background indicates a function that was introduced before 2003.
    A pink background indicates a function that has been placed in Compatibility classification.
    A light green background indicates a function introduced by Excel 2007, 2010, or 2013.

  3. We released a new version today with different background colors in the files to please Mike
    Also Norman add some examples and fixed some bugs.

    Check it out and you know good examples and feedback is welcome

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