Date Picker Add-in for Excel

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Post Updated : 28-April-2013

I upload a┬áDate Picker add-in based on John Walkenbach’s Date Picker on my site for the Mac and Windows.

This Date Picker have local Day letters in the header and also local Date formats in the format dropdown and have a option to use 3 week number systems(also ISO weeks).

Windows version :

Mac version :

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3 thoughts on “Date Picker Add-in for Excel

  1. Looks good, Ron – I’ll probably be pulling down a copy of the Windows one when it’s available; many thanks!

    As an aside, working in the industrial world it’s common for a workbook’s user to enter a datetime – not just a date. Do you know of (or have any insights on how to build) a good time picker? It would need the ability to use AM/PM input as well as ’24 hour’ time…

  2. Hi jhCoxx

    The windows version is online so you can use it.
    Contact me private with the details about Date/Time, maybe we can make something.

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