Caution: Pointless Message

I was walking through the Wellington CBD the other day on one of those rare fine days that occasionally falls between earthquakes that warrant a 7.2 on the sphincter scale and hurricane-force Southerlies, when I came across this sign:
Caution - Pointless Message

I’m not really sure of the sign’s intention. What kind of caution should one exercise here? Run fast to avoid falling people? Refrain from undoing the hand-brake on those scaffold wheels? Don’t look up in case they are Scottish migrant workers? Damned if I know, really. Had I not donned a hard-hat I would have scratched my head.

Anyway, I thought that question on warning messages crossed with kilt imagery would segue nicely into a “Show us ya Messages” open post.

I’ll go first.

Here’s a couple from a Project Costing Model I put together recently.
Caution - Pointless Message - New Option

Caution - Pointless Message - Faster than light

How ’bout you all? Anything snigger-worthy from your apps that you’d like to share?

3 thoughts on “Caution: Pointless Message

  1. Here’s a message from a Resignation app I put together today:

    And here’s what happens if you push no:

    My boss (who is a very good sort) actually did push no in the hope that I’d stay put, but to no avail. So this has gone to HR as is. Tee hee he.

  2. Honestly, Jeff, you have something of a strange mind…

    *lol* this is amazing and I’m free to copy it once I resign and go to work in my own – of course Excel focused – company.

    Amazing intention, by the way… avoid useless messages

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