Indecent Add-in Exposure

Every so often, for reasons I can’t explain, an add-in shows up in my Excel UI.


Today it was BlogHelpers.xla, but other times it’s different. It’s always in a non-maximized window view. That is, the workbook name is in the window’s title bar and not the application’s title bar. You can see that the IsAddin property is still True. If I close the UI window, the Add-in remains in the VBE projects window. But I’m too chicken to leave it in that state for long, so I always reboot.

Have you ever seen that before?

6 thoughts on “Indecent Add-in Exposure

  1. Like this?


  2. What I can come up with:

    – There’s a link to the addin in the startupdirectory
    – There’s some code in the personal.xlsb workbook codemodule
    – The addin is part of a workspace that is being loaded.
    – somewhere ‘addins(j).installed = true’ is being run

  3. Here’s some sketchy info:

    It doesn’t happen on startup. I *think* it happens when I close a workbook, but I can’t be sure of that.
    I thought it might be only xlas, but I *think* I remember it happening an xlam.
    I have 11 of my own add-ins running, four of which are xlam
    I don’t have a PMW
    I’ve never used a workspace

    After the last time it happened I (obviously) took a picture. But I also decided to take note of what I’m doing when it happens again. Of course it hasn’t happened again and probably never will – but I’d be OK with that.

  4. No idea really, shame it does not happen all the time then you would have to sort it out.
    Might well be some sort of loading issue, I mean like the code is accessing some contested resource or something – it must be something what only happen when xyz conditions are mate – like memory use is high, or disk busy, or cpu hot, something that doesn’t happen that often… well of you laptop anyway ;-). Odd.

    Maybe clean out all the reg keys and re load the addins? I have no idea really.

    I get issue loading addins a fair bit, but I put it down to developing the same file across 2 different versions of 2007? maybe!

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