AET VBE Tools v1.6.1

Over the last week, I made some changes to my AET VBE Tools.

Although still free, I want to ensure they are as good as I can make them for you, before I release a paid version.

This is what has been done –

An indenting bug was fixed for Select Case constructs when working with Projects and Modules.

I also improved the indenting of Add Line Numbers code.

When adding the date and time to text files being exported, the code has been adjusted to show the correct time.

I made a change to the Copy Code and Compare Code userforms. Sometimes duplicate file names were showing.

I edited Highlight Code In Excel so that individual Case statements are also highlighted with Select Case constructs.

Case Statements

Note: It is a big help with regards to visibility to see them highlighted this way. Unfortunately I had to hard code that part, so it will only work if your tab settings are set to 4. (In the VBE, Tools, Options, Editor, Tab Width). If I find a way to determine this programatically, I will adjust the code to suit. Alternatively, if you know a way, please leave a comment.

As a small bonus, I also added the functionality to delete Debug.Assert and Stop to the Cleanup Project code.

Download the new version (now v1.7) here.

2 thoughts on “AET VBE Tools v1.6.1

  1. Andrew, good job!
    Have you got any plans to make your add-in independent of Excel, so it can be used in other VBA enabled applications as well? I mainly work in Access, so I have got few opportunities to use an Excel-only tool.
    Unfortunately I discovered your tool only after recording my recent video about code indenting tools (, but I added a link to it in the info box.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Philipp,

    Actually I am hoping to make versions for Access and other Office programs in the near future. I did actually try my tools when coding with Access a few weeks ago (I’m still a beginner), by copying to Excel’s VBE and as far as I could tell, indenting worked okay.

    Anyway, thanks for linking to my tools. I am in complete agreement with you regarding coding standards.


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