8 thoughts on “DIY Stand Up Desk

  1. Couple of (tongue in cheek) alternatives

    Raise the whole table by placing on A4 boxes or use proper table leg extensions.

    Try kneeling!

  2. Yes, sadly, I have a mouse. I can’t do Pivot Tables without it (nor can I think of a better UI for PTs or I would just build it).

    HP12C. Agree on RPN. I’ve never had one stolen. :)

  3. My previous boss used individual reams of paper, which made for some exciting moments.

    When I started work as a housing developer in 1995, my boss wanted me to get an HP calculator with Reverse Polish Notation (not to be confused with STRrEVERSEhUNGARIAN). I politely declined and instead used a little thing I like to call Microsoft Excel.

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