First bug of the year

And it’s a funny one. Save all your work, then make up a simple datasource that has a formula in the header:

Now, turn the Macro Recorder on, and while it’s recording, turn that datasource into an Excel Table. (I use the Ctrl T shortcut for that)
Create Table
Excel will warn you that the formula will be converted to static values. Click No.

Happens for me using Office 365. Pretty obscure, granted.

8 thoughts on “First bug of the year

  1. Here’s something inconsistent about tables: So as we can see from the above, if there are formulas in the proposed table’s header row, Excel offers to convert them to static text for you in order to proceed. Whereas if there are multi-cell array formulas, Excel just says ‘Nope, you can’t have them’:
    Multi cell array
    At which point you are obliged to click OK to dismiss the dialog box, then dismiss the Create Table dialog box, then (assuming you want to continue regardless) change your multi-cell array formulas to hard-coded values, then try again. Why the heck don’t they take the same approach as for header rows i.e. offer to do it for you?
    At the same time, it will quite merrily change any duplicate column names without even bothering to warn you:
    Duplicate Headers

    Inconsistent as heck, really.

  2. Someone with problems when selecting a worksheet with VBA ????????


    Error ‘1004’

    Excel 2014 – 64 bits

    Please, help me !

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