Formula Auditing by RefTreeAnalyser: Objects included

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Hi all,

I’ve been working on my RefTreeAnalyser again. What I’ve been up to this time is building tools which help with the analysis of dependencies which are mostly hidden from view:

  • Charts (series formula)
  • Pivot table (source data)
  • Data Validation formulas
  • Conditional Formatting formulas
  • Form controls (linked cell, listfillrange)
  • ActiveX controls (linked cell, listfillrange)
  • Picture objects (linked cell)

A new dialog has been added that shows all sources of the objects in your file:

Objects analysed for cell dependencies

Moreover, when you analyse a particular cell for its dependencies, objects are taken into account too (well, to be perfectly honest, only if you purchase a license):


If you haven’t already done so, why don’t you head over to my website and download the tool. The demo is free and (almost!) fully functional.


Jan Karel Pieterse

2 thoughts on “Formula Auditing by RefTreeAnalyser: Objects included

  1. Dave H

    Hi Jan, is this a new version? I have 2.0 build 43.
    Does this require an upgrade fee or is it part of 2.0 ?


  2. jkpieterse Post author

    It is a free update. The system looks for updates about once a week (unless you turn that off). You can force the update from the settings dialog.

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