Survey on Excel use

An INFORMS SPRIG email contained a request for a survey on Excel use from Abigail Rose Rebello, a graduate student at Cardiff, who needs the responses for her dissertation. It took me under 10 minutes, interrupted by 2 phone calls, to complete the survey.

From the email I received:
— quote —
Understanding Spreadsheet Usage – Survey

Spreadsheets are crucial elements of today’s business world and grow in importance every day. The usage, development and management techniques of each spreadsheet user appear to be unique. We are interested in studying these diverse characteristics via a global survey. The information you provide will help the student conducting this research to understand the wide ranging differences and similarities be tween different classes of spreadsheet users and developers. It would be really helpful if you took the time to answer a few questions via the survey link posted below.

– end quote –

Tushar Mehta