Excel Summit South 2016

Hey Daily Dosers. I had knee replacement surgery about three weeks ago and haven’t looked at Excel very much since then. I’m taking a break from my drug-induced naps and Netflix binge watching to remind you that Excel Summit South 2016 is rapidly approaching. By ‘South’, they mean

  • Auckland 28 February
  • Sydney 1 March
  • Melbourne 6 March

Here’s what’s on tap:

  • Learn from six of the world’s leading Excel MVP’s as they discuss the Excel topics most useful to you.
  • Hear industry leading speakers from around the world give you the latest views on Financial Modelling best practices, standards and spreadsheet risk.
  • Shape the future of Excel: Interact with members of the Microsoft Excel Dev Team as you explore with them the future of Excel.
  • Choose the sessions that best suit your needs from 23 masterclass sessions over two days of twin tracks for modellers and analysts.

There are lots of familiar names on the presenter’s list. Go to https://excelsummitsouth.wordpress.com/ to learn more. If you’re on the Twitters, use hashtag #XLSOUTH and if you have questions, contact Charles@DecisionModels.com.

3 thoughts on “Excel Summit South 2016

  1. Thanks Dick, its going to be great to meet some DDOE subscribers in Australia & New Zealand

    to clarify: Feb 28, March 1 and March 6 are the close of registration dates and the actual conference dates are

    Auckland March 3-4

    Sydney March 7-8

    Melbourne March 10-11


  2. Dick: You look at Excel with your knees? Man, and I thought bugs had weird legs.

    Charles: I’d like to fly up and join you folks, but I just don’t know if my current contract will allow me the time off. But I’ll try to wangle it.

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