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Ooh, look how special I am.

As a reward I bought myself some new monitors.

The real story is that one of my 22″ monitors died last weekend. It would display normally for about a second before going black. The consensus on the internet was to throw it away and buy a new one. It’s been a while since I bought monitors and I was expecting that 30″ monitors would be in my price range by now. I was disappointed that I they’ve only fallen in price enough that I could get 24s. But I’m pretty happy with monitors that are identical. And the boy is pretty happy to get my hand-me-down, working 22″ monitor.

My next problem was that my video card was too old to drive these beasts. I solved that problem by allowing the boy to open an early Christmas present.

EVGA GeForce GTX 970

He gets a better 한국 토토사이트 gaming card and I get his old video card. Easy-peasy. Except that it took me four days to get the cards swapped out as am I not the hardware genius I sometimes make myself out to be.

Have a lovely holiday if your religion or culture celebrates one this week. I’m going to see Star Wars on Christmas Eve, so if you see me walking around Denver this week, don’t spoil it for me (but be sure to say ‘hi’).

17 thoughts on “Stack Cred

  1. Funny, I always thought that “the boy” was MY son’s name. :)
    Holiday Felicitations, and may the GeForce be with you.

  2. I can’t believe that desk is so tidy, do you actually do anything there?

    BTW, I bought a 27″ recently, I don’t think I would want anything bigger unless it was curved perhaps, I find that I have to physically move my head to vie it all, can’t just move my eyes. When

  3. Actually there’s more to the story. I had an L-shaped desk with a hutch on one of the legs. The two 22″ monitors fit nicely between the hutch uprights, but I did not think larger monitors would (Adding 2″ diagonally doesn’t add much horizontally, so the 24’s probably would have fit). I wanted to rearrange my office at some point and the dying monitor accelerated the schedule. I needed to twist the L about the room and move my monitors to the other leg.

    No go. The leg that once was against the wall and now is jutting across the room was too long. In the end, I split the desk into two and put one against each wall. My wife uses the one with the hutch I use the other one. And it forced me to clean my desk, which was as messy as you would expect.

  4. I use a pair of 24 inch screens with my desktop but in a T configuration: Excel in left-hand landscape and code in the right-hand portrait.
    Then my surface Pro also has a 24 inch attached to the docking station.

  5. OK, I have to ask, what is a hutch?

    I won’t be seeing Star Wars, I’m avoiding the hype, but I did buy Cool Hand Luke for a bit of Crimble viewing.

    I thought you lived in Omaha (… wasn’t good enough for me …), Denver is a long way from there.

  6. A hutch sits on top of your desk and provides shelving or cabinetry a few feet above the work area.

    I still live in Omaha, but went to Denver to see in-laws for Christmas. I saw Star Wars (generally liked it), shot pistols at a shooting range, and hit golf balls at a place called Top Golf. I could write a whole post about each of those.

    On the eight hour drive home yesterday, I listed to The Incomparable episode about Star Wars (>3 hours) and an episode of Hardcore History about WWI (>3 hours). I’m not a huge Star Wars geek my any means, but I get some joy listening to other Star Wars geeks deconstruct the movie. And if you like history, you might try Hardcore History. It’s long as podcasts go, but it’s pretty good. My wife found it hard to follow. It’s possible that my base of knowledge, however slight, about WWI helped me follow it easier than her. Or maybe she just doesn’t want to listen to history-related podcasts on a long drive.

  7. It must have been the long journey, who wouldn’t want a 3 hour history podcast about WWI?

    I’m a history buff too, but I had never heard of Hardcore History before. Personally, I likea good book, love the Antony Beevor histories (the book on the Ardennes push is magnificent), but I went to the site to take a look. I can’t see WWI, but as I find North American Indian history interesting (my daughter has just finished a project to build an online archive on that topic), I will buy the ‘Apache Tears’ and see whether I like his presentation and the content, if so I will look at the Roman topics.

  8. I listened to Blueprint for Armageddon I

    I had no idea that these cost money (or at least that some of them do or did at one time). Someone recommended this episode, so I downloaded it in Overcast and listened. Now that I look back at all the podcasts in the feed, it only goes back to episode 43. Maybe that’s when he started making them free. I liked this one, so I’ll listen to a few more free ones to see (but $2 for 3 hours isn’t a bad deal). I’ll be interested to know what you think.

  9. That’s known as the “pointy keyboard companion”. I’m not sure what it does, but it came with the keyboard.

  10. Hardcore Histories is brillient thats what I think! He only put new ones out very rarely, but they are greate, esplly the ones about big topics like WW1/2, and the Khans!

    We moved hopuse a few months ago, and I now have a dedicated office space area, I lookig at monitors, but cant pick between 2 or 1 extra wide 34″. At decent res these are quite a bit. 2 24″ are cheap enough.

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