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SpeedTools Mug

Some of you will know that I have been developing (for the past 2 or more years!) some fast multi-threaded Excel functions using the XLL C++ interface.
After climbing this rather steep learning curve I am now very close to the final release of these functions.

FastExcel SpeedTools is designed to be a state-of-the-art set of tools to help you speed up calculation of slow workbooks:

  • New calculation methods and modes give you greater control of calculation.
  • Superfast memory lookup and Compare Lists functions make handling large data volumes easier.
  • You can eliminate many SUMPRODUCT and array formula bottlenecks with SpeedTools FILTER.IFS.
  • Additional functions include Regular Expressions, Array Stacking, Array OR/AND, Text and Information functions

The final SpeedTools Beta test is now live and I need more Beta Testers and feedback:

So download SpeedTools Beta 3 and tell me what you think!

The best 20 Beta test feedback reports received by the end of March will get their own exclusive SpeedTools  coffee mug, (and a free license of course!).
Excel 2003 users get a toolbar to choose functions and launch the Function Wizard, and Excel 2007 and later users get 2 additional groups on the Formulas tab.


You will find more information on my website and blog, including some performance comparisons with the built-in Excel functions.




  1. MSimms says:

    Charles – did you include any search/lookup functions ? As you are probably aware, the VLOOKUP function is likely the most abused function in the entire Excel suite of functions. On top of that, it’s very slow as well.
    I’ve seen Excel 2007 workbooks take up to 10 minutes to load because of out-of-control VLOOKUPs.

  2. Yes, the MEMLOOKUP and AVLOOKUP2 functions are substantially faster than VLOOKUP. They are also easier to use and more powerful.

  3. Kanwaljit says:


    I have Fast Excel installed.
    Do I need to uninstall it to install Speed Tools ?


  4. Pete says:

    @ Charles : Congratulations, a great contribution. Improving spreadsheets for many people. Thank you

    @ MSimms : The most abused functions I see are array formulas

  5. Kanwaljit,

    Its OK to keep FastExcel V2 installed at the same time as SpeedTools.

  6. @Pete,

    I agree that array formulas are often a major performance problem: thats why I spent a lot of effort building the FILTER.IFS family of functions to provide a faster alternative for many situations.

  7. SpeedTools has successfully concluded Beta 3 and is now Live (30-day evaluation copy is still available)

    There are still some Mugs and free licenses to be won, so if you have not submitted any feedback yet please do!

  8. Roberto Paolo Gallo says:

    I’m an italian user.
    I work with Excel 2013 PRO PLUS (because I need Power Pivot).
    Can I install SpeedTools and FastExcel V2?
    Many Thanks.

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