LoadPictureGDI updated for Excel 2010 64 bit

Hi all

I update my GetImage page for Excel 2007-2010.
Thanks to Rob Bovey LoadPictureGDI (from Stephen Bullen) is also working now in Excel 2010 64 bit.

You can find the code in the example workbooks on the page below

FYI : Because of a bug in Word 2010 the code is not working in Word 2010 for ribbon controls.
If I have more info about this bug that I can share I will post it here.

Regards Ron de Bruin

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10 thoughts on “LoadPictureGDI updated for Excel 2010 64 bit

  1. Hallo,
    are there updates or additional information on using LoadPictureGDI for Word 2010?
    It seems like LoadPictureGDI does not work in Word 2010.

    I am having a problem with displaying custom graphics (icons on my tools
    buttons) in the user-customized Word 2010 Ribbon (the icon buttons are
    displayed blank in Word 2010, without images), though the button images are
    displayed properly in the Word 2007 Ribbon. To load the images, I use LoadPictureGDI.

    All the tool functionality of my tools in the customized Word 2010 Ribbon
    works well, as in Word 2007. Moreover, button tooltips of my tool buttons
    show correct text when I place the cursor over a tool button in the
    customized group of buttons.

    At that, some buttons graphics taken from Office icons work well in 2010.
    My customization is stored in a .dotm file that I load dynamically on Word
    start in AutoExec sub.

    Should I insert images directly in the .dotm file or is there a way to do this using LoadPictureGDI in Word 2010?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hi,

    could you please tell me how to find LoadPictureGdi updated for Excel 2010 64-bit.

    Many thanks


  3. Hi,

    Excel 2010 64bit on Windows 7 64 bit and LOadPictureGDI 64bit

    I have a number of .PNG files each with its transparency set to some specific
    colour but when attempting to use LoadPictureGDI to insert any of these images into

    a) an Excel form as Userform.Picture


    b) an Image control on an Excel Userform

    the regions of the images which should be transparent are _always set to Black_.

    However, when inserting the same images into Worksheets using Insert Picture the areas which
    should be transparent are _always transparent_

    1) the image is inserted into a Worksheet the transparency effect works

    2) when the image is inserted as a Userform.Picture the transparency effect
    does __not__ work

    I am sure that I must be doing something very stupid but for the life of me
    I cannot see what and any help that you feel able to give will be much

    I suspect that I am doing something really silly but I cannot see what. So any help would be much appreciated

    many thanks


  4. I have used the LoadPictureGDI successfully in Word 2013 and PPT 2013 for using custom buttons in the RibbonX. However when attempting to use it in either Word 2010 (which I read has a bug) and in PPT 2010……I get blank images. I have tried with both png and jpg images…..no luck.

    Anyone have any bright ideas?

  5. Hi

    Was there ever any more news on this? We have recently had to roll back from Office 2013 to 2010. In Office 2013, all my custom Images were working fine with the LoadPictureGDI module but when downgrading to Office 2010 the functionality stopped working for Word and PowerPoint.

    When using the module outside the Ribbon it works fine but when trying to load custom images into a ribbon it does not.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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