3 thoughts on “Insert a screenshot with Office 2010

  1. It’s a nice feature to have, but why the inconsistency between applications? The Screenshot button is placed in the Images group in PowerPoint, but in the Illustrations group in Word and Excel.

    Incidentally I have found Snagit to be an excellent Screen capture tool.

  2. I find the built in Windows “snipping tool” quite adequate for my needs, especially since I rarely need to insert a screenshot of a non-Office screen into Office, but I frequently need to insert a screenshot of an Office screen into a non-Office application.

  3. Office 2010 Excel, was not happy to see that the Excel Screenshot feature has no VBA component. Or maybe it is just very difficult to find.
    Had hoped to create a list of web pages, bring them up, screen shot them and embedd them in Excel like a film strip.

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