Windows Live Mail (WLM) and Excel problem part two

Hi all

If you set Windows Live Mail as your default mail program and try to mail from Office
you get a general mail failure error two times, the third time it is working OK.

The reason for this is that Windows Live Mail isn’t fully
MAPI-qualified like Windows Mail or Microsoft Outlook.

If you want to mail with from Excel with Windows Live Mail as your default
mail program you will get the problem above when you use the default mail
buttons in Excel or try to mail with VBA SendMail.

I Update my Mail add-in for Outlook Express and Windows Mail so it also work with Windows Live Mail.
The first add-in on the page is only for Microsoft Outlook and the second one for OE, WM and WLM.

Also the SendMail code examples on my code page are working now in WLM.

I also add a new sheet template for OE, WM and WLM

Let me know if you have problems, I test it on a few machines but you never know.

Ron de Bruin

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One thought on “Windows Live Mail (WLM) and Excel problem part two

  1. Hi Ron,

    Wondering if you could help me.. I have a bmp in the clipboard that I would
    like to paste into WML by way of VBA. So I need a bit of code to open WML,
    and then paste the clipboard into it..

    There seems to be a number of examples around, but none seem to fit :-(



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