TM AutoChart: Connect chart axis parameters to cell values

TM AutoChart is a shareware Excel add-in that links the minimum, maximum, major, and minor values of a chart axis to worksheet cells.


Over the past few months I have been trying out different Ribbon layouts for chart related add-ins. For now, I have settled on a split button where the large button provides the primary functionality and the drop down menu includes additional capabilities.




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9 thoughts on “TM AutoChart: Connect chart axis parameters to cell values

  1. Hi John,

    Thanks for the tip. The add-in was originally written in the days of Excel 2000. I’ll have to budget some time to explore use of a UDF to manipulate chart elements. The biggest weakness I can anticipate is that if the process stops working there’s not much one can do about it. After all, the documentation for a UDF states that it can only return a result and not change the Excel environment…unless, of course, that got dropped from the documentation also…{grin}

  2. I have been using a invisible series on the chart to set min and max values. Especially useful when multiple charts need to have the same scale. I think I got the technique from Jon Peltier. Doesn’t set the major and minro values, though.

  3. @ AlexJ, I am a little confused why would you add an invisible series you add to set the min and max values. Isn’t this what Excel does using the Autoscale feature? I am sure if you and Jon see the need for this, then there’s something in here for me to learn, which eludes me at this time.

  4. Chrisham –

    As AlexJ says, this is “[e]specially useful when multiple charts need to have the same scale.” Each chart has the same dummy series, which contains the min and max X and Y values. Excel’s autoscale then works the same in all charts, so the scales are identical.

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