New RDBMail Mail add-in for Excel/Outlook 2007-2010

Hi all


I upload a new add-in named RDBMail for Excel/Outlook 2007-2010 this week

The add-in create a new tab on the Ribbon named RDBMail with a lot of mail options
and a option to insert a worksheet template to your workbook so you can send more then one
mail with one click because the info for each mail is saved in the worksheet.

You have the option to send as workbook or PDF for every mail option.

If you have problems let me know

Regards Ron de Bruin

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6 thoughts on “New RDBMail Mail add-in for Excel/Outlook 2007-2010

  1. This is a fab tool that we have been using for a while.. lately however, when we send a sheet the A4 size seems to get distorted so when the recipient tries to read the email, they can’t see the whole page as it’s too large! This seems to be happening randomly and we have not changed the documents or settings in any way. Any ideas why this might be happening?

  2. Please help!

    The add-in is loaded in excel but is showing an error that the computer does not have outlook even when it does.

    Please suggest what is to be done.


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