2009 in Review

Top 10 Page Views in 2009

Post Page Views
Creating CSV Files 33,947
Sumif Between Two Dates 19,336
Number Stored as Text 15,003
Writing to a Range Using VBA 12,165
Automating Internet Explorer 11,248
Progress Bar 11,212
Testing for Empty Cells 10,581
Pattern Matching 9,665
Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables 9,321
Maxif Minif Functions 8,162

Most Viewed 2009 Posts

Post Page Views
Vlookup on Two Columns 6773
Vlookup 2695
Get the Path to My Documents in VBA 2258
Excel Sample Data 2230
Reading Xml Files in VBA 1710
Bingo 1673
Illegal Range Names 1576
Creating State Maps with XY Charts 1570
Historical US Tax Rates 1564
Work Breakdown Structure Numbering in Excel 1451

Most Commented Posts

Post 2009 Comments
SUMIF Between Two Dates 51
ADO Slower on Linked Tables 33
Removing Spaces from File Names 32
Hello World Button on a Ribbon 30
WordPress Upgrade 29
One Keyboard Shortcut 29
Illegal Range Names 27
Adding Every Other Cell 27
Summing the Digits of a Number 27
Programming Music 26

For the first two tables, I copied tables out of Google Analytics, messaged them with Quick TTC, and created the html tables with JoinRange, like

=PERSONAL.XLS!joinrange(C1:D1,”< /td>< td>”,”< tr>< td>”,”< /td>< /tr>”)

For the comment counts, I used this sql statment

SELECT wp_posts.post_title, wp_posts.post_date, wp_posts.post_name, count(wp_comments.comment_id) AS comment_count
FROM wp_posts INNER JOIN wp_comments ON wp_posts.id=wp_comments.comment_post_id
WHERE year(wp_comments.comment_date)=2009
GROUP BY wp_posts.post_title, wp_posts.post_date, wp_posts.post_name
ORDER BY comment_count DESC

I probably should have only included approved comments, but it’s close enough for government work.

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2 thoughts on “2009 in Review

  1. The pageview numbers are probably way off. Each post can be viewed in at least four different ways:

    1. Via the post’s permalink URL
    2. Displayed on the main page
    3. As part of a page that displays posts by category
    4. From an RSS reader

    Probably only #1 counts as a pageview, right?

  2. I believe that’s right John. Do you think 2-4 is enough traffic to make them way off? I always assumed there were about two dozen people who came to this blog on purpose and the rest got here via search. However, the main page got far and away the most page views, so I guess your point about #2 is probably right.

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