Data Visualization? Sir, Yes Sir!

Did you ever want to join the army but don’t like all the physical activity? And instead of shooting people you’d rather create charts and dashboards in Excel? If so, you should go to the Excel Dashboard and Visualization Bootcamp.

This 3-day boot camp is designed for Excel users who need to more effectively synthesize data into meaningful dashboards, charts, and visualizations. The topics presented during this boot camp will introduce you to advanced techniques that will help you build and manage better reporting mechanisms.

I’m definitely considering going. Charting and dashboards has always been a weak point for me. I’ve always chalked that up to lack of style (all my charts are black and white). Before I decide, I’d like to get a feel for how much time will be dedicated to make-Excel-2007-act-like-2003. I don’t use 2007 consistently enough to care too much about everything MS broke. I would expect some of that, however.

Other considerations: I’d get to see the walking comedy act that is Mike Alexander. And it’s warm enough in Dallas to play golf in late October, so I’d be bringing the sticks.

Anyone else planning on attending?

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6 thoughts on “Data Visualization? Sir, Yes Sir!

  1. Jorge – I would seriously consider the trip. Maybe next summer, or more likely the summer after when my wife has finished her courses. I’ve never been to the continent, only London on one side, and Cyprus on the other.

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