Give one get one…laptop that is

I don’t know if folks know of the project that started off I believe at MIT to distribute cheap laptops to children in developing countries. Now called OLPC for one-laptop-per-child, its website is

David Pogue of the New York Times has a review of the laptop at

People in the U.S. and Canada can participate until Nov. 26, 2007 in a give-one-get-one promotion. For $400 ($200 being tax-deductible) the participant donates one computer and receives the other: In addition, T-Mobile offers 1 year of free hotspot service to each participant.

Obviously, I plan to participate. This just might be the vanguard of a revolution in computer design and ubiquity.

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3 thoughts on “Give one get one…laptop that is

  1. I wish I had a laptop and im only 12 years old and no cell phone but i have always wanted a laptop

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