Excel conference in London (July 19/20th)

Hi all,

For the very first time I have decided to attend an international Excel conference. The conference will be in London, UK, by the end of July 2006.

The older I get the more I prefer diversity and I have realized that most subjects can be viewed in many different ways, i e there exist usually not one ‘truth’. This is the professional driving force to me to attend and which also explain why I nowadays see learning as a never ending process. However, I will not attend to any class just the conference itself.

It will also be great to see some persons in the real life who I have contact with via forums and lists for several years as well as new faces and names.

I’m pleased to see that the following persons will be among the speakers:
– Andy Pope
– Bob Philips
– Charles Williams
– Simon Murphy

For more information about the conference please see:
2006 UK Excel Conference

After the conference I will make a post about my impressions and conclusions.

Kind regards,

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10 thoughts on “Excel conference in London (July 19/20th)

  1. Thanks for the info Dennis, if the stars align I might be able to wangle a work trip around the same time.



  2. I’ve presented at last two and I can personally say that these conferences are not only very much fun, but they are very informative. This gives us a chance to meet real Excel users and help them find new ways to solve their old problems. It also forces us to brush up on some of the skills that may have gone rusty from non-use (i.e. presentation skills).

    Hopefully interest in these kinds of conferences will grow and expand to other areas (Access, SQL server, VSTO…etc)

  3. They are great events because of people like Mike willing to share their knowledge. I wonder if Dick would consider participating? We are in the planning stage for an event on the West Coast of the US – October 18-20, somewhere in the LA area. Currently exploring Marina del Rey as a potential location.

    Haffy, most attendees have an employer sponsor.

    Damon Longworth

    2006 UK Excel User Conference
    July 19/21st, 2006
    University of Westminster – Marylebone Campus
    London, England
    Early Bird Registration Now Open!!

    2006 West Coast Excel User Conference
    October 2006
    Tentative location – Los Angeles Metro area
    Announcement soon!

  4. Sure I’d consider participating. I was going to sign up for your Texas conference, but I had a scheduling conflict. My only requirements are that I can fly there for a reasonable price and that it’s warm enough to play golf (no Chicago/February combinations). Keep me posted on your LA conference.

  5. I am looking forward to finally meeting many email names in person at the London Conference.

    I am currently having fun preparing the examples for my session on writing fast VBA UDFs:

    – AVERAGETOL – the slowest version uses Excel/VBA defaults, the fastest is 48 times faster and twice as fast as the equivalent SUMPRODUCT formula.

    – FLOOKUP – runs faster than VLOOKUP for everything except approximate sorted match, for which both FLOOKUP and VLOOKUP are so fast its hard to tell the difference anyway .

  6. Charles,

    Will the material from You and the other speakers be available on a CD or available via the internet?

    Kind regards,

  7. I create a CD for all delegates and it will include all files the presenters provide me prior to the event.

    Dick, would you like to do a couple presentations in October? If so, send me an email and we can discuss the details. Your participation will be a great addition.


  8. I’m certainly going. Like Dennis says, as well as the knowledge sharing, putting some faces to names at long last will be something to look forward to. :)

    Damon, that’s excellent news about the CD.


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