Name Manager 4 Beta updates

Hi all,

An update to version 4 of the Name manager is out.

I have worked hard to weed out the bugs reported to me so far. Things are definitely looking better and better.

Also I have added a feature so you can see where a name is in use. Press the “Is name used” button to get this dialog:

New feature: where is a name used?

Have fun trying the new features!

Download here


Jan Karel Pieterse
JKP Application Development Services

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3 thoughts on “Name Manager 4 Beta updates

  1. Hi all,

    Just a heads up: I have updated the file again.

    I have fixed a couple of bugs and:

    Now also VBA is searched (and replaced when you are renaming) for occurence of your names.

    Might need some testing in Excel 97 and 2000 for compatibility though.

  2. Jan Karel,

    The graphic overview and presentation is indeed a nifty add-on.

    From my point of view it’s an excellent improvement You’ve made, especially if we consider

    a) not using any third part ActiveX components

    b) maintain backward compatibility with version 97.

    Do You keep a track on how many hours You’ve put into the development of the utility?

    Kind regards,

  3. How many hours I (and Charles) have spent on the thing remains a well kept secret. In fact it is so secret, even I have no idea :-).

    The name “map” does use the treeview from the windows common controls lib, whcih is a deviation from my strive not to use anything outside Office.


    Jan Karel

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