Small Beer

If you take the Word of the Day and type it into google, then select the 7th page of results, then select the 7th entry, you get 90:Small Beer. (I’m just sure this is how JWalk gets his fodder.)

According to the Contents page:

WELCOME TO THE BRIDGE : a little sump in cyberspace dedicated to mordant humour. Written by to John Morrison and hosted by the Hebden Bridge Web. Episodes 1 to 98, first posted here, have since become a trio of books: first View From the Bridge, then Back to the Bridge and – OUT NOW – A Bridge Too Far. The weekly episodes, chronicling life in a small Pennine milltown, have now come to an end, but every single episode can still be read here.

Mordant humor? I assumed mordant was a synonym for “lack of”, but the dictionary says sarcastic.

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