Avogadro’s Number

The only thing I remember from high school chemistry is Avogadro’s number.

The name “Avogadro’s Number” is just an honorary name attached to the calculated value of the number of atoms, molecules, etc. in a gram mole of any chemical substance. Of course if we used some other mass unit for the mole such as “pound mole”, the “number” would be different than 6.022 x 1023

Mmmmm…. homework. Brings back the good old days.

5 thoughts on “Avogadro’s Number

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  2. On October 23rd at 6:02 in the morning, I took my daughter to have her picture taken by a clock at a local shopping center… 5 extra credit points for Chemistry!

  3. Wow…I forgot I knew Avogadro’s number! After I saw it the whole thing just POPPED back.
    Thanks, I needed that!

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