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Hey, did you notice this blog is significantly peppier lately? I recently moved from Digital Ocean to Linode. The transition, frankly, sucked lemons. I tried to move from Apache to Ngnix and I failed miserably. After several weeks, I finally gave up, uninstalled Nginx, reinstalled Apache, all was well.

If you’ve been visiting in the last few days, you’ve probably been treated to a different theme each time. All WordPress themes are terrible. I’ve settled on the current one because it’s the least offensive until I can find a better one. I found a super plain theme that I like, but it messes up code in the comments.

I’m sick of WordPress and ready to move on to something else. It’s a great CMS, but I just don’t need it. I want simple, secure blogging software with comments and a simple CSS. I wouldn’t mind having a go at writing my own, but the “secure” requirement might be a problem. I’d also miss Akismet for comment spam as it makes managing a blog tolerable.

That’s the update. More Excel stuff coming soon.

6 thoughts on “Meta Dose of Excel

  1. It did open right up today. That’s nice.

    I’m still with the TwenytyEleven theme, fairly heavily modified. That was a lot of work and I’d have to figure a lot of it from scratch if I switched to another. It’s pretty simple though, I’d say.

  2. Funny, I’m with Doug on this. I use the TwentyEleven theme as well, with enough modifications that I’m not eager to try something else.

  3. I like Ghost, but they don’t have comments. The comments are the best thing about this blog, so transferring control of those to Disqus just ain’t happening.

  4. I was on a theme called Fluid Blue for a long time. I think it was based on Twenty-Twelve. The only reason I got off it was because I wanted stackoverflow like comments and my theme didn’t support the plugins that use it.

    I don’t know why a theme has to support anything. It should be freaking formatting. That supports my theory that WordPress is just too complicated for a little guy like me. The themes I look at now don’t even have style sheets – I think they’re automatically generated from database entries. I just don’t need that.

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