Converting Numbers to Words Part V

See Converting Numbers to Words Part IV

No need to bite this one off in small chunks. Just need to make sure the triplets processing works at the next level.

I’m just going to add a new If block for millions that looks a lot like the thousands If block. Of course I’ll be using exponents so I don’t have to type all those zeros.

All tests passed. The rest should be easy. I’m going to go a little sparse on the next tests.

I could create a new If block for each triplet, but I already know I’ll be refactoring, so what’s the point. I need to loop through however many triplets are there and process them.

Error: Overflow. I originally passed in a Double so I could do decimals, but never did the decimals. Anyway, it’s the integer division operator (\) that’s causing the problem. When you use a floating point number, like a Double, in an integer division expression, VBA casts it as a Long first. So anything more than 2.4 billion won’t work. Fortunately, MS has a fix.

All tests passed. And that’s it. I could add decimals, I suppose. Or even larger numbers.

The test-first methodology was pretty enjoyable, I have to say. This isn’t especially complicated code, but biting it off in small chunks made things flow nicely.

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