Converting Numbers To Words Part II

See Converting Numbers To Words Part I.

The next test will test 20-99. I think in real TDD, you’re supposed to write tests that test just one thing. But I’m not doing real TDD, so I’m testing in groups.

Again, I’m testing the edges and few in between. Now that I have two test procedures, I’ll need to create a procedure to run them both.

Now I can run TEST_All and make sure I don’t break any previous tests with the changes I make. Of course, TEST_Tens fails so it’s time to write some code to make it pass. I tried to write the simplest code possible, but it didn’t work out for me.

That fails because NumbersToWords(20) returns twenty-zero. So there’s a special case that needs to be handled.

That works. But I can see this special case handling becoming a problem. Maybe. We’ll see what happens when we test in the hundreds.

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