Wonky Keyboard Shortcut

Check out the keyboard shortcut for the Reapply button.

I don’t think I’ve ever used that button. If I need it, I think I’ll just use the mouse. Even I have limits.

6 thoughts on “Wonky Keyboard Shortcut

  1. That’s like the old days (Excel 97) and you copied a sheet. The VBA code name of the first sheet was Sheet1, of the first copy was Sheet11, the next Sheet111, etc, until you got an error because Sheet111111111111111… was longer than the allowed length of a sheet code name.

  2. Ctrl+Alt+L = Is the short cut for Re-apply
    Lets say you have a Date column in your table and you have filtered -Date Filters -> ThisWeek
    You close the file – go on a vacation for 2 weeks – come back open the file and say Ctrl+Alt+L – It will show us data of the week in which you have opened the file

  3. I believe it has to do with the Solver add-in being enabled. When I have Solver enabled, the shortcut for re-apply changes to “Y12” for me. When Solver is disabled, the shortcut for re-apply is just “Y”.

    Not sure why it is displaying a lot of 2’s at the end though, but I agree with Ken’s long hold theory. That’s funny!

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