What’s Up at DDoE

Something is spiking memory on my server and MySQL is shutting down as a result. It doesn’t seem to matter how much memory I throw at it, it just maxes out and shuts down.

This morning I implemented a plan of shutting down plugins until it happens again. I started with a database reset plugin and so far so good. I’m not hopeful, though, because this is the same problem I had before moving to Digital Ocean, so I imagine it’s just a matter of time before it comes back. Here’s the order I’ll be disabling plugins

  1. WordPress Database Reset
  2. Authors Widget
  3. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded 3/21/2014
  4. CodeColorer
  5. Akismet
  6. WP Super Cache

If it gets down to Akismet, there’ll be trouble. The comment spam is crazy and there’s no way to keep up with it manually.

Keep enjoying the posts or the “error establishing database connection” error message, whatever happens to be showing that day.

6 thoughts on “What’s Up at DDoE

  1. Hi Dick,

    Sorry I can’t help identify this issue, but if you want to try an alternative to Akismet try http://wordpress.org/plugins/anti-spam/ to block spam comments.

    The spam comments on our site were driving us nuts too but since installing this exactly 1 week ago, it has stopped over 2000 spam comments coming through. Not a single one has been submitted. I get an email sent to me when it blocks a spam comment (spomment?) so I have been keeping track to make sure it’s working.

    I haven’t seen it block and legit comments either, seems to work really well.



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