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DDoE had a birthday on March 29th and I totally forgot about it. I would forget my own birthday if my wife didn’t buy me a present, so I don’t feel too bad about it. I often tell people that DDoE is the first Excel blog. Is that really true? I did a Google search and limited the dates to before March 29, 2004 and not much showed up. There were blogs that mentioned Excel, but not Excel blogs. Now I hear that blogs are dead and Tumblr is the new thing. I think I’ll skip that “revolution” and catch the next one.

I thought I’d check the stats eight years in and see what’s what.

Hmmm, seems I may have forgotten to put the Google Analytics javascript back in when the blog took a crap last fall. But that begs the question why isn’t it showing all zeros?

Thanks for reading. And thanks to the other authors for picking up the slack when I have nothing to say. As for the title, I can’t get the Flip-a-delphia song out of my head today.

9 thoughts on “Blog Blog Blogaversary

  1. Congrats on a long-lived blog.

    If somebody accesses this site via, the Google Analytics code kicks in. So that might explain some of those hits. Or maybe Google’s cache. Did you check and see which specific documents were viewed?

  2. Thanks John. I know who was accessing the site via – me! That would explain the ~5 hits a week. This site was recreated using and some things just don’t render the same, so I have to go see what they looked like in the old days.

  3. You might be missing the hits from RSS feeds.

    ..Like the one that sends updates to my phone for the morning commute; if I see anything interesting, I drop by in my lunch break.

  4. Congratulations Dick – your site is by far my favorite online excel resource – you have taken my coding to a whole new level!

  5. I’m pleased to discover that my favourite Excel site is exactly as old as my marriage! Happy anniversary to us both.
    Thanks to you and to the others who contribute such great stuff in the articles and comments.

  6. I just started programming in VBA a few months back. Your blog’s been really helpful. Thanks for all your posts and hope to be reading many more :)

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