Messy Donut Junk

I’ve been searching for a new search engine in the wake of Google’s ‘plus’ enhancements. I’ve tried blekko, ixquick, and I’m currently using DuckDuckGo. They’re all lacking, but I’ll let you know if I settle on one. In the meantime, I happened on kleemi and tried it out. I was startled that half the page was a donut chart, so I couldn’t resist trying these search terms.

6 thoughts on “Messy Donut Junk

  1. Kleemi has some good programming skill behind it, but as with a talking dog, after a few minutes, the wow factor evaporates

    Unfortunately, other than just tossing Google or Bing, because of the companies behind them, I have not found anything at the end of the day improves on Google or Bing

    I remember way back as one of the first users of Google, I felt a wow that lasted–Hard to believe, when I told others back then, and they went to Google, they thought I was joking — Back then, everyone wanted the Yahoo “busy” look

    The new kid on the block search engine or browser wise has got to give me a lasting wow

  2. Did you noticed the little button on the Google search results page? Hide Personal Results.

    It’s a temporary setting, but you can make it permanent by clicking the Options button right next to it.

  3. Yeah, I’ve changed my settings. I don’t like where G is going with this and I thought it was a good time to check out other options. What happened to searching and getting relevant results?

  4. I could forgive them the donut chart, but they turn “not (just) an Excel Blog” into “just an Excel Blog” and then say that’s 55% what it’s about. grrr…

  5. I don’t really have a problem with it. On more than one occasion Google found something that I wrote that I was looking for — and I probably wouldn’t have found so easily if it didn’t give extra credit to my G+ posts.

    Google has great plans. Time will tell whether the plans are best for users, or just in their own interests.

  6. I’ve started using the ‘verbatim’ option on Google more and more often. I don’t know how it relates to G+ but it has provided more relevant results for me.

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