Automating Class Creation

Happy Spreadsheet Day. This year, it’s something about helping students. I don’t care about students. They don’t have any money and they spend all their time on the Facebook and the Twitter.

Instead of helping students, I made a video about how I create custom class modules. If you use class module enough, you come to realize that there’s a bit of drudgery in setting them up. I’ve tried to eliminate some of that drudgery. So to celebrate Spreadsheet Day, watch four minutes of me writing code with no audio. Fun!

I used CamStudio to record it. I’ve not used it before so I don’t know how to tweak to make the video look better. It’s a little grainy and a little choppy. I don’t have Parkinson’s, it’s the video. The next time I do a video, I’ll do a better job. And I’ll buy a microphone so I can sing while I code.

13 thoughts on “Automating Class Creation

  1. That was awesome. Do you sell or give away that add-in? Not sure what all the things you were doing in there but it was pretty cool how fast you were able to create a class.

  2. Students go to class, so your contribution to Spreadsheet Day is only a few degrees removed from the theme.
    Glad there was no singing though, and looking forward to more info on your add-in.

  3. Jon I was going to post it up for download, but I realized how little error checking there is in it. I need to add some very basic stuff and it will be available.

    Debra Students. Classes. I can’t believe I didn’t put that together. I’m losing it.

    Bob Why last? Because you haven’t made any more yet? Or you don’t intend to make any more?

  4. Dick: This is pretty nice stuff!

    Question: When you create the parent class, is it automatically adding the NewEnum ATTRIBUTE, or do you still need to export the class, add it in text, then re-import the class?

  5. I too discovered CamStudio this year.

    One of our projects required evidence of testing and our test plan was long.
    For a prior project of this type we had captured screenshot images at critical stages of each test, but this time we captured each test as a video file.

  6. Dick – I haven’t made any more, partly due to health reasons, and partly because Debra does such an outstanding job on her blog. I’m also changing my career to focus on mental health, and perhaps I’ll bring some of my Camtasia Studio experience to bear in that arena.

  7. I don’t use classes that often, mainly because I can never remember how to put that together in terms of creating the collections and it’s a PITA to create all of the GET/SET methods. I might actually use classes more often if I could use a utility like that. Is that going to be made available? Is so, I’d like to test out a copy. Thanks.


  8. See the next post for more info and a link to download. I’d post a link but I’m on my iPhone and it’s too hard. Two posts in the future I believe.

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