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Hi all


A few weeks back I start working on my first Mac, and I must say I love the OS but there is a lot of work to do in Office for the Mac.
My idea is to go through all my webpages and see if I can make the VBA code also working in Excel 2011.

I start this problem page

I also add VBA code examples last week to mail from Excel 2011 with Apple Mail and Outlook 2011.
If you have problems with Excel on a Mac post it here, maybe I can check it out and find a workeround for it.

Ron de Bruin

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14 thoughts on “Excel 2011 on the Mac

  1. Seeing this makes me really happy I only have to support Windows (XP and Win7) and variants of Office (03, 07, 10).

    Why not just run your code under bootcamp?

    Also, do you have to put the procedures with apple script into separate modules?

  2. Hi David

    I run Fusion(VmWare) on the Mac and have always Windows 7 open (with 8 gb of ram)
    In lion you only have to swipe with 3 fingers on the trackpad to go to Windows or back to the Mac.
    This is working great for testing with a shared folder on the Mac that all my virtual machines can use.

    You not have to use a seperate module, the script is a normal string that you can run with the MacScript VBA function.

    But you are correct there is a lot of work to do in Office for the Mac.

  3. Ron –

    I’ve tried to move a lot of macros into the Mac environment, and it’s never easy. The most usual problem is having to preface all vba functions with “VBA.” as in Right$() to VBA.Right$(). If I don’t (and I never find them all) I get hit with “Can’t find library or project.” complaint.


  4. Thanks Michael

    I will check that out and add it to the page next week

    This weekend I will publish some Excel workbooks Merge code for the Mac on the page.

  5. Hi Ron,

    The biggest ouch for me is the lack of keyboard shortcut for “Paste Special”.
    I’m a both-world Excel user, so I often press “alt+e+s+v” on my mac. I wish this could be solved :)

  6. Ron,

    I’m not sure if you can help with this but I will give it a shot. I use the SMF Add-in at work on a PC but I tried to install it on my Mac at home and I am getting messages about missing Microsoft Libraries that the program can’t find. It appears that the missing libraries are:

    Microsoft Internet Controls
    Microsoft XML v 3.0
    Microsoft HTML Object Library

    The add-in is available for frree here, http://finance.dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/smf_addin/

    Can you think of a work around for this?



  7. Hi Ron,

    Might be good to include how to use conditional compiler constants too:

    #If VBA7 Then
        ‘Office 2010 or up
       #If Win32 Or Win64 Then
       #End If
        ‘Office 97 to 2007
       #If Win32 Then
       #End If
    #End If
  8. I have an iMac with Office 2008, and a MacBook Pro with Office 2011. On both I run Parallels 6 with Windows 7 Ultimate, and Office 2010 Professional.

    I work as an Excel Consultant and I can tell you that I get many more Excel for Mac projects this year than last year. Significantly more. It seems that Excel on the Mac has taken off as of late.

    I also have Excel programmers that program for the Mac, in Windows.

    Once you get used to the Mac interface and Excel specifically, the Mac is GREAT. It does not crash, there is less risk of virus attacks, and they start faster than my Dells. Plus, with Parallels they are two computers in one.

    I love Excel 2011 on the Mac. You should give it a try.

  9. I love the Mac but there is a lot of work to do in Office 2011 Chris.
    And that is the best version that is made.

    I will never buy a standalone Windows machine anymore.

  10. Ron – can you share any edits to the code for the SMF add-in to work on Mac? I’m having the same issues.

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