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From Walkenbach and Doctorow.

Desktop: HP HPE-150f, i7 860@2.80, 8G RAM, Win7 64bit, Dual 22? Acer monitors. I used to be strictly a laptop guy, but when the D810 died, I decided to go for a desktop. I’m happy I did. It’s quite a bit faster for the money.

Laptop: ASUS R1F Convertible tablet, T2700@2.00, 2G RAM, Win7 32 bit. They don’t make Win7 drivers so not all the doodads work. For instance, I have to rotate the screen via software, but it’s better than using Vista.

Keyboard: Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard 1.1

File Sharing: Dropbox. I can’t tell you how useful this is. Wait, yes I can. Very useful.

Backup: Mozy. Offsite, daily backups. About $200 bucks every two years for 18.2G from my computer and 24G from wifey’s computer. What the hell does she have on there anyway? Photos, I’ll bet.

Phone: iPhone 4. I switched a few months ago. AT&T service sucks in my area, but I can survive for the 22 minutes of phone calls I make per month. This thing is a great computer that also sometimes makes phone calls.

Scanner: CanoScan LiDE 35 using LiDE60 drivers so it works on Win7-64.

Printer: HP LasterJet 1200

Storage: I have a 200G Maxtor. I used to have two, but its brother died. This one too shall die soon. I really don’t need it with Mozy, but I’ll probably get another one when this one goes.

Email: Gmail. I still have MS Outlook for programming/testing purposes, but I don’t use it. It opens every Sunday morning and downloads everything from Gmail, so I have a backup.

Calendar: Google Apps

RSS: Google Reader

Search: Google, but I’ve been reading about alternatives because I’m sick of the whole first page being crap sites. I started using Blekko recently – better on some things, not on others.

Newsgroups: I don’t read nntp much anymore, but I use Agent as my newsreader and an NNTP bridge to convert MSDN web fora to nntp.

Browser: Firefox. Chrome is not customizable enough for me.

Music: iPhone 4 and ITunes. I would love to eschew iTunes, but there’s simply nothing better for podcasts. Podcasts to which I subscribe include Marketplace Tech Report, Cincinnati Bengals Audio Minutes, Coffee Break Spanish, College Football Podcast, Jordan Jesee GO!, Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day, Methods in Excel, Motley Fool Money, Car Talk, Fresh Air, Science Friday, You Look Nice Today, and 37signals. For the car, I use a Griffin iTrip FM transmitter hooked up to the iPhone.

Radio: Pandora. Yet another service I pay money for in a world where everything seems like it’s free.

eBooks: Dead trees.

Todo lists: Goodtodo

Note taking: Evernote. Every crazy idea I have goes here. It’s fun to go back and read what I thought was a good idea a few months ago.

Screen capture: SnagIt

Blog: WordPress

Text Editor: Notepad++

Bookmarks: Delicious. I heard they’re going out of business so I signed up for, but I haven’t used it yet. I need a good Firefox Addon for it, and there isn’t one yet.

FTP: Filezilla

Code: VBA goes in the VBE. Ruby goes in Intype. I’m very impressed with that as a code editor. HTML and CSS go in AlleyCode out of habit.

Compression: JustZipIt. I love programs with fewer options (except browsers apparently).

PDF: CutePDF for printing, FoxIt for reading, and PDFCreator for VBA stuff.

Graphics: IrfanView

File Copy: SynchronizeIt


Office: MS Office 2003 and 2007.

GPS: Garmin Approach GS – got it for xmas, so no commentary yet.

I used this program called ExamDiff recently. I started updating code in the wrong version of the spreadsheet and I needed to figure out the differences. I exported the modules, loaded them in ExamDiff, and it saved the day. Nice program, that.

Most used iPhone Apps: Gmail, Dropbox, Evernote, Netflix, Google Reader, and Cribbage Lite.

As for wish lists, I’d like to get an iPad. I really don’t have a use for it, so I haven’t pulled the trigger. I’d also like a scanner with a document feeder, but for the 10 pages a year I scan, it’s probably not worth it. I wish my car had an iPhone dock, but I’m allergic to car payments, so that one will have to wait. I’d like to get a golf simulator for my house, but then I’d need to get a house with 15 foot ceilings. I haven’t had great luck with robots, but I think I’ll be trying the new Scooba 230. If cleaning the bathroom isn’t the worst job, I can’t imagine what is.

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11 thoughts on “How I Do

  1. Since you have an iPhone 4 I would recommend a couple of things. 1) Check out the Reeder app $2.99 to replace Google Reader (you won’t be sorry), 2) Simplenote is free app for text-only notes that syncs better than Evernote.

  2. Dick, I don’t do online backups but have been thinking about it. I see that Dropbox also does online backups. Is there a reason that you prefer Mozy? (I didn’t look at the pricing.)

  3. Since you showed me yours, let me show mine too :-)

    Desktop : N.A.
    Laptop : Dell Precision M4500, Intel i7 740QM, 16 G RAM, 500 G HDD, Windows Server 2008 R2
    Keyboard : One of thosee ancient IBM PS/2 clicky keyboards, best typing experience EVER.
    File Sharing : if any.
    Backup : a 1 TB USB3 external hard drive. USB3 is lightning fast!
    Phone : Ancient Nokia, no bells ‘n whistles
    Scanner : HP PSC 1215; one of those combo deskjet printer/scanners
    Printer : See scanner.
    Storage : a couple of external HDD’s ranging from 120 GB to 1 TB
    Email : Virtual Access, Ancient but highly effifient for the keyboard minded users. all email and newsgroups in one place.
    Calendar : a paper one!
    RSS : Nope
    Search : Google
    Newsgroups : See email
    Browser : IE
    Music : Zune
    Radio : Hardly listen
    eBooks : N.A.
    Todo lists : N.A.
    Note taking : Word
    Screen capture : Snagit, unsurpassed.
    Blog : N.A.
    Text Editor : Ultra Edit
    Bookmarks : N.A.
    FTP : Filezilla
    Code : VBE, whast else?
    Compression : Winzip
    PDF : Native Office 2010, PDF995
    Graphics : nothing special
    File Copy : Explorer
    SCP : N.A.
    Office : 2003, 2010, Virtual machines with anything from 97 to 2007. Still have the 23 Office 4.3 floppies
    GPS : n.a.
    Most used iPhone Apps : Don’t have such a contraption, would waste way too much of my time :-)

  4. For podcast You should try gpodder:

    It’s a combination of a podcast-downloader
    and a website (

    At the website You control, add or remove podcasts.
    The downloader syncs with the website, so when You
    add a podcast on the site, it’s added to the downloader.
    That way, You can control Your podcasts from anywhere.


  5. I totally agree on Dropbox. It’s so useful. Do you pay or stay within the free limits? I’m storing almost my limit at the moment – am torn whether to purge files or pay for the extra space….

  6. Got Reeder and signed up for simplenote. Thanks for the suggestions.

    When I was originally looking for backup, Dropbox came off as more of a file sharing/transfer service than a real backup, so I didn’t really consider it as an option. I’m nowhere near my limit on Dropbox, but I’ll gladly pony up the dough when I need to.

    JKP: What do you use for non-VBA code like HTML for your website?

    Morten: thanks for the link. I’ll check out gpodder.

  7. for music management, try mediamonkey (www.mediamonkey). It managesyour iphone+podcast+audio books. pretty good.

    Reeder app for iphone is a good alternative to read feeds on the go. I use it as a offliner when im at airport or on the move.

    SynchronizeIt and goodtodo are good pointers. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Dick: I have a style called VBA which only sets a non-proportional font.

    My site is not done using a cms, I use MSFT Expression Web 2.0, using plain XHTML and CSS with a touch of VBScripting to add the navigation and commenting bit. If I need VBA with pretty colors on my site I use a small add-in called HTMLMaker, which I edited, which converts the VBA to HTML using my own css style names where needed.

  9. Some items I trust:
    Picture batch resize: Irfanview plugin – Riot (free)
    Picture batch rotate: Rota (free, quick)
    ScreenPrint: Greenshot (free, simple)
    PrintUtility: FinePrint 5.85 (my all-time favorite)
    Desktop organizer: Fences (free, great)
    File defrag: WinContig (free, new)
    Mirror: ICE Mirror (free, old)
    Copy: TeraCopy (free, good for large files)
    Mouse: Evolount Mouse (brilliant)
    NAS: Synology DS209 (good software, 4 is better)
    Laptop: HP/Compaq 6910p

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