Make a Simple HTML Table from a Range

Tushar comments

1) Please consider posting the data in a table or attach a file. It’s a PITA to recreate the data set!

Very good point. I made this function.

With this data

this in the Immediate Window

produces this

3 Name Number
4 Bob one
5 Jim two
6 bob three
7 bob four

And this in the Immediate Window

produces this

Name Number
Bob one
Jim two
bob three
bob four

Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. Well almost. I got a little lazy converting my column numbers to letters. If I need to go beyond column Z, I’ll need to rewrite the code to use one of these.

8 thoughts on “Make a Simple HTML Table from a Range

  1. Dick –

    Small improvements:

    Change sReturn=<table> to sReturn = <table border=1 rules=all cellpadding=”5?>

    In both IF bHeaders statements change your <td> to <th align=”center”> and your </td> to </th>

    In For each rCell in rRow.Cells add an IF

    IF IsNumeric(rcell.value) then
    sReturn = sReturn & “<td align = “right”>” & rCell.Text & “”
    Else etc.

    Thank you for this.


  2. Dick –

    This may have occurred to you:

    Dim DataObj As New MSForms.DataObject”

    DataObj.SetText sReturn


  3. Michael –

    If you wrap your code in “code” tags it should work:

    replace [ with < and ] with >
    [code lang=”html”]

Posting code? Use <pre> tags for VBA and <code> tags for inline.

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