ByRef Arguments and the Application.Run Method

The Application.Run method is a versatile mechanism to call a subroutine particularly in another workbook or add-in. Its one documented limitation, if we want to call it that, is that all arguments are passed by value (ByVal). So, how does one pass an argument by reference (ByRef)?

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3 thoughts on “ByRef Arguments and the Application.Run Method

  1. If you use Application.Run to run a Function then you can get a return value from the Function.
    The returned value can be anything: an object (worksheet etc) or a variant containing whatever you like.

  2. @Charles – there’s different syntax for assigning objects vs nonobjects. The former requires SET. So wouldn’t ultimate generality require something like

    Dim x As Variant
    On Error Resume Next
    Set x = Application.Run . . .
    If Err.Number <> 0 Then
    x = Application.Run . . .
    End If

    Shame VBA can’t be as accommodating as real scripting languages like Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.

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