Plain and Pretty

Mike Alexander tells me that I have to sell, so sell I shall.

First, the pretty:

Microsoft MVPs Jon Peltier (Peltier Technical Services) and Mike Alexander (DataPig Technologies) are joining together again to bring you our acclaimed Excel Dashboard and Visualization Bootcamp!

This 3-day boot camp is designed for Excel users who need to more effectively synthesize data into meaningful dashboards, charts, and visualizations. The topics presented during this boot camp will introduce you to advanced techniques that will help you build and manage better reporting mechanisms. Going beyond simple tables and charts, you will learn to:

* Synthesize data in meaningful views with advanced charting techniques
* Create reports and dashboards that communicate and get noticed
* Create interactive reporting mechanisms
* Implement macro-charged reporting
* Automate the creation of PowerPoint slides directly from Excel
* Integrate external data into your reports

And for those of us who love data and don’t need pretty pictures, the plain:

Microsoft MVPs Dick Kusleika (Daily Dose of Excel) and Mike Alexander (DataPig Technologies) bring you our first ever Excel and Access Power User Workshop!

This 3-day workshop is designed for power users who what to expand their skill-set and get more out of Excel and Access. During this workshop, you’ll be introduced to a wide array of tips and techniques that will muscle up your skills in Data Reporting, Automation, and Application Development.

The topics presented during this 3-day workshop will help you go beyond basic spreadsheets and databases, to to robust professional-grade solutions. Learn how to:

* Move Data between Excel and Access using MSQuery and SQL
* Use ADO Scripting to build robust data entry models in Excel
* Automate Excel from Access
* Run Access Processes from Excel
* Automate Outlook Interactions
* Building client-side solutions that use SQL server as the back end

And now the closer:

Sign up before April 1st and save $200 on your registration. On April 1st, prices return to $800.

OK, I feel sufficiently dirty now. But these are going to great workshops, so go sign up now!

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4 thoughts on “Plain and Pretty

  1. Dick,there is one post with the title Office “14” – Microsoft Office 2010 does not exist,it just like an obstacle when i want to read your post one by one,can you move it or valid it? Thank you!

  2. I am VERY interested in attending you workshops. Please take your show on the road and be sure to include a stop in New Jersey.

    Hope to see all the gang soon.

  3. Also a stop in Atlanta. My VBA started as UDFs and has moved to automating Excel and Access. However, all I have learned comes from books and this website. I think workshops would be very helpful, but I can just barely swing the enrollment; plane tickets and lodging are out of my price range.

    Is there a price break for attending both workshops?


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