13 thoughts on “Drawing in Excel

  1. The first one runs in just under 5 minutes. In the description it says:

    Real length: 12 hours 56 minutes

    Wow on two counts. That’s a lot of work for 13 hours, and 13 hours is a long time to spend on something like this (I’m assuming it wasn’t 13 hours in one sitting).

  2. Oh man. My wife is going to kill me if she finds out I didn’t know ‘book’ in Spanish. I swear I thought it was ‘libra’. Good thing she gets glassy-eyed when she reads my blog.

  3. “she wrote a book about drawing with Excel, but couldn’t find a publisher.”

    She could have used Lightning Source. Maybe she needed more help on the publishing side.

    First results for “excel art” point to artoffice.com and Danielle Aubert.

  4. I can only say, why? It’s like building boats out of matchsticks. Totally pointless.

    I got bored after one minute, was annoyed by the soundtrack, so turned it off.

  5. Wow, more than meets the eye. It’s always fun to see how many comments it takes until someone says, “This person has too much time on their hands.” If they enjoyed the challenge, why begrudge them?

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