Outlook Mail Worksheet Template for Excel 2007-2010

Hi all

I have create a new worksheet template for Excel/Outlook 2007-2010 for mailing this week.
(with great suggestions from Dave Peterson)

You can download it here

I think on this moment it have a lot of mail options that are very easy to change/use.
You can mail one or many custom mails with one click of a button.

But I love to hear what you miss in this template or not like in it.

Read the information on the webpage and in each data validation tip that you can find in each cell
and let me know if you have suggestions.

Thank you very much

Ron de Bruin

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11 thoughts on “Outlook Mail Worksheet Template for Excel 2007-2010

  1. Nifty!

    I particularly like the ‘auto install’ workbook. I think I may have to use that. Now I just need to come up with a reason to. :)

  2. Ron,

    First of all, nice work as usual :)

    Second, I would like to see that You add a priority field where the user can select between Low, Normal and High and where the default value would be Normal.

    Most users only use one e-mail account so I guess the need to select from which e-mail account to send e-mails may not be of high interest (except for the group of consultants ;))

    Kind regards,

  3. Both Ron and Dennis got caught in Akismet spam filter. I know that spam filter doesn’t like Ron, but I thought they became friends. Now it doesn’t like Denis either. I don’t check that filter often because it rarely makes mistakes, so be sure to send me an email if your comment doesn’t show up. Thanks, DK.

  4. Hi Dennis

    At least I’m in a good company ( I agree with that)

    If I bring Dutch Heineken Beer and you the swedish meat balls we have a good time Dennis.

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