Economic Stimulation

I’m just doing my part to keep the uber consumerism going. I don’t want to be the only person in America with a savings account. And my butt hurt. So I bought a new chair.

The thing about buying a new chair is that you really want to sit in it before you buy it. The thing about living in Omaha is that there are no good chair stores. I went to the big box office stores and they had no good chairs. I was afraid that I would sit in a chair, it would be comfortable, then I would buy it. Some time later I would discover that it was uncomfortable and be remorseful. That wasn’t a problem at the big boxes. Their chairs were uncomfortable right from the start.

Next I went to Nebraska Furniture Mart which is America’s Largest Furniture Store. Not so large as to have a decent office chair. I could have bought a plush leather number that was certainly comfortable, but it would not have matched the semi-modern office decor I have. The “modern” chairs were crap.

That’s more shopping than I like to do for anything. I came home, found the best chair and bought it.

I was pleased that it only came in three pieces. I was not pleased that the instructions called for the use of a torque wrench. I don’t now, nor have I ever, owned a torque wrench. I’m not proud of it. I’m not ashamed of it. I used a regular wrench and stopped when it felt like 168 inch pounds. I am now apparently at risk for personal injury and/or uncomfortableness.

This baby has ten separate adjustments. It goes high enough that I can use it at my Yamaha keyboard as well as my Desktop Elite keyboard. While it is orders of magnitude more comfortable than the chair it replaced, I’m not sure I got enough comfort for my money. I’ll keep tweaking the adjustments. In the meantime, get out there and spend some money.

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14 thoughts on “Economic Stimulation

  1. Excellent chair. I don’t know how tall you are: did you get the right size? They come in A (for shorties) B (for “normals”) and C (for outliers like me at almost 6’4?). I’ve had Bs at a couple of places, which were OK, but a C is bliss in the lumbar support department.

    There’s a new, “ultimate” Hermann Miller, the Embody (, which is supposed to be coming soon. I’m wondering if it might find a place in my home office, assuming I can find somewhere in London to actually try one…

  2. Excellent blog, Built a very successful product with your help. Thank you.

    It is all the more impressive in that you seem to have done all your work without a screen!

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