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I’ve just published a new article on my website. Here is the introduction:

“This article explains how you can use styles to ease maintenance of your spreadsheet models.

Microsoft has made it very easy to dress up your worksheets with all sorts of fill patterns, borders and other frills. Because formatting of cells is often done in an ad-hoc manner, many spreadsheet pages look messy.

By consistently using cell styles (instead of changing parts of the cell’s formatting) you will be forced to think about the structure of your work. Religiously using styles may even force you to reconsider the overall structure of the entire spreadsheet model: The quality of the computational model itself may be positively affected.

I therefore consider Styles as being underused, underestimated and under exposed.”

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Jan Karel Pieterse

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2 thoughts on “Styles in Excel

  1. I’ve submitted this comment to the JKP site, I hope it’s OK to copy it to this site?

    If you have a large file, could using a few styles instead of many individually formatted cells reduce the size of the file or the memory usage?



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