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  1. Well, anything you can do with COM you can do with Excel, as long as it doesn’t involve one particular kind of instantiation. Once you’ve realised that the list includes HTTP, then the web’s your oyster.

  2. Thanks for the link.. the idea is to share how easy it is to build something like this. Had it not been for twitters awesome api, it would have been more difficult to do this. One reason why I made it ridiculously simple.

    But this also opens lot of possibilities for readers, like auto generating tweets based on data, importing tweets to do analysis etc. Can you think of few more creative ways you can combine excel’s data manipulation power with twitters ease of use ?

  3. It wouldn’t be the most efficient, but it’s an easy gateway to an RSS feed. Ex: When a shipment is entered in Excel, a tweet is generated with the order number and ship date. Accounting subscribes to the twitter RSS and process the shipment when it shows up.

    If you didn’t want to have to generate and then publish your own xml, you could use twitter in this manner.

  4. @Dick: that is a good suggestion.

    here is one more I have been thinking.. an expense or calorie tracker. you tweet (DM or @) whenever you spend something. then excel is used to download this and parse and analyze… once a day or something like that.

  5. Can someone please tell me “What is a tweet and a twitter?” I’m lost.

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