Project Euler questions and Excel solutions

For those who might be curious about the relevance of Excel to Project Euler problems, I am categorizing my solutions.  Of the 36 that I have solved, 19 were with Excel or by hand, though some I also solved with VBA.  3 problems were solved using Excel with the UDFs from the Large Number Arithmetic (LNA) module.  5 used VBA and the LNA module.  While I solved the remaining 9 with VBA, Excel alone should have been sufficient for at least one (Problem 53, for example).

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  1. […] Math Challenges By tonyfleming The intended audience for Project Euler include students for whom the basic curriculum is not feeding their hunger to learn, adults whose background was not primarily mathematics but had an interest in things mathematical, and professionals who want to keep their problem solving and mathematics on the edge. See here where this guy has solved 19 of these using either Excel or by hand. […]

  2. Hi Everyone,

    I am hoping that I am posting this in the right place, this is my first time inside as a member.

    I have an excel issue that I haven’t been able to solve. I am working on a schedule for the Doctor’s in the clinic that I work at. The “A” column consists of the days of the month, while the “B” column has a cell for the name of the Doctor working that day. The cells are color coded red for stat days, yellow for Monday nigh clinics, pink for wednesday night clinics and orange for Saturday clinics.

    What I am trying to do is to be able to count what each Doctor has worked for the month by counting the name and the color of the cell. For example,

    Monday Wednesday Saturday Stat
    Dr, Smith 3 1 2 0

    I hope this makes sense to everyone, and I eagerly await your genious!


  3. Hello Jennifer –

    And welcome. Excel has no built-in way to count colors. The solutions to do that are here:

    and require Visual Basic familiarity. I take it that the colors are assigned manually? If there is conditional Excel formatting that does it, you can piggy-back on the same conditions and make your calculations via a sumif() or sumproduct(). Tell us more about how the colors come about.


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