Check Your Stock from Excel

Are you happy, healthy, and brimming with self-confidence? The cure for that is checking your stock portfolio. It’s a sure fire way to bring you back to Earth.

Greenturtle has released Yahoo! Excel Realtime Addin. It’s an Excel add-in that retrieves stock data from Yahoo! Finance using Excel formulas.

If you’re interested in investing without extensive research on the best stock analysis website available, or just want an excuse to see Excel’s RTD function in action, then give it a try. And if you do, leave a comment here. My only comment was that I really didn’t know what to do once I’d installed it. I opened the readme file and it all came clear. I suggest they pop open that readme file after installation.

Oh yeah, it’s free.

4 thoughts on “Check Your Stock from Excel

  1. You can also get an api from to use excel to search for a new job without using a browser. Can you say excel the job internet data scrapper. This is great tool. Forget add-ins.

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